Casual Pay (US Only)

Casual Payment Option (US Customers Only)


We now accept payment via Cash App and Venmo with Immediate Tracking Number.
Payments are becoming more and more streamlined and we want to improve our customers experience with the use of the CashApp and Venmo App (US customers only)


 Download CashApp/Venmo


 No Credit Card Saved = Safe and Secure 

Simple - Just scan and pay.
No Credit Card Saved - Never enter your credit card information online.


How it works:

  1. Scan Code or Enter Tag with app. 
  • Venmo - @Custom-UniqueTech
  • CashApp -$CustomUniqueTech
  1. Add your product information.   
  • Model [iPhone 11 Pro] 
  • Storage Space [256 GB]
  • Special Request [Include my initials “RS” at the bottom]
  1. Add address.
  1. Submit payment for your the item.
  1. Done.


Note1: Special request may add to the duration of completion for your order. If you want your order to arrive within the 15 business day time frame, please keep the special instructions minimal and simple. The less the better.

Note2: Please make sure you submit the correct amount for the item you want. If the amount sent is not correct you will be refunded and given a note on the correct payment to resubmit for the item you requested.

Note3: Double check your information. Make sure you have entered the correct address or box number for your order. We will not be responsible for any mix up with addresses if entered incorrectly. We will always confirm address before shipment to attempt to prevent this from happening.

Note4: When your product ships, you will be notified. Products are made to order. Please allow up to 15 business days (depending on your special instructions) for your order to ship out.